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Last Update: 24 Mar 2017
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Client's CharterClient's Charter

(Revised June2012)

We are committed to provide the best services and product to our clients through our areas of core business as follows:

1. Applicants should be notified of the outcome of their applications for the agriculture development project within ninety (90) days from the date of approval.
2. Import permit of animal and animal product will be issued within two (2) working days upon receipt of application.
3. Livestock farms, abbatoirs and feedmill license will be approved within ninety (90) days upon receipt of applications provided that all requirements are fullfilled.
4. Export permit and Phytosanitary Certificates of plant and plant product will be issued within three (3) working days upon receipt of application (excluding treatment and pest risk analysis for plant).
5. Permit for establishment of pond or lake for aquaculture will be issued within ninety (90) days upon receipt of application provided requirements are fullfilled.
6. Certification of all farmers organisation's (FOs) financial audit report within ten (10) working days after endorsement by its Board Of Directors.
7. All applications by Area Farmers Organisations (AFOs) will be made known of its result within ten (10) working days.
8. All applications requiring the approval of the Wakil Pendaftar Office will be forwarded to the said office within ten (10) working days.
9. A two (2) year Agriculture Certificate course with an annual intake of one hundred (100) students shall be conducted.
10. Conducts thirty (30) farmers short courses at the Agriculture Training Centres and twenty (20) In-Situ training for farmers and entreprenuers annually.
11. The result of Analytical service on plant, soil, fertilizer, pesticide residue, food product and veterinary diagnostic will be ready within sixty (60) days upon receipt of sample.
12. Request for existing soisl information shall be entertained within two (2) working days upon receipt of application.