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Last Update: 20 Oct 2018
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For more enquiries, please contact us:
Address :
Department of Agriculture Sarawak, 7 & 12-17th Floor, Menara Pelita,
Jln. Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak
Tel. No.: 082-441000   Fax No.: 082-447821
Email :

For more enquiries, please contact us:

Address :

Department of Agriculture Sarawak, 7th, 12-14, 16-17th Floor, Menara Pelita, Jln. Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel. No.:  082-441000  
Fax No.:  082-447639 (Director Office), 
                 082-446039 (Human Resource)

Email : 


Bahagian PerancanganBahagian Perancangan


  • To coordinate the agriculture development planning functions of the DOA with respect to strategic and macro policy planning, development programme planning, and inter-Agency planning of major projects
  • To coordinate the preparation of DOA year development plan 
  • To organize the collection, analysis, collation and compilation of both current and structural statistics on the agriculture sector
  • To generate, collect and provide planning information on farm management and enterprise budgeting. 
  • To collect, collate, compile and disseminate information on agriculture industries, and regulatory requirements. 
  • To assists in DOA projects and programme planning by carrying out project feasibility studies and socio-economic surveys to gather information on the farming population and other related information. 
  • Provide coordination in preparing of DOA Annual Plan and Budget. 
  • To monitor, evaluate and report on the progress and outcome of DOA programme of and project implementation
  • To organize and coordinate the use of information technology in the management of agriculture information and in the computerization of work processes



The overall goal of the Planning Branch is to provide any technical support services in planning, agriculture development projects and programme implementation.

Specific Objectives

  • To make available the relevant, accurate and up-to-date information on the agriculture sector for planning use and the development of agriculture sector. 
  • To provide technical support to the other Divisions and Branches of DOA in development of agriculture projects and programme planning. 
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress and outcome of DOA programme and project implementation.




  • Collect and collate information on enterprise financing, including sources of financing, eligibility criteria and conditions, investment incentives, etc.
  • Monitor and evaluate programmes and projects implemented by DOA with the view to improving implementation efficiency and effectiveness for on-going activities and future ones. 
  • Support programme and project planning activities of DOA in terms of providing relevant information, conducting feasibility studies, project appraisal, and HRD of DOA personnel in relevant aspects of development planning. 
  • Monitor and evaluate 1AZAM project implementation to ensure the participants become financially self-sustaining.



  • Generate, collect, process and make available in easily retrievable forms, information on agricultural production in the State, including structural statistics, historical data, and uses of GIS-based information. 
  • Generate, collect, process and make available in easily retrievable forms, information on farm management such enterprise budgets, farm wage rates, labour profiles and yield data for agriculture commodities. 
  • Generate, collect, process and make available in easily retrievable forms, information on prices for agriculture produce and production inputs by time and location. 
  • Monitor the basic socio-economic indicators such as farm income, employment and labour supply, farming population and household, standard of living indexes, etc. 
  • Monitor the domestic and international markets for agricultural produce and value-added products, including marketing channels, market outlets, downstream processing activities, trade regulations and licensing, quarantine requirements of export markets, etc. 
Agricultural Statistic Activities:

I. Agriculture Statistical Information System (ASIS)

  • Agriculture Statistic Information System was firstly implemented in 2002. Currently, it is in the Phase 3 stage. It is a system that provide DOA with the means to capture data through various input forms. Its aims among others are to expediate the compilation of wide range of agriculture statistic data from Divisional and District level. It also act as a database for agricultural statistic information for Sarawak.
  • With the system, staff at Divisional and District level are able to do the entering and updating of agricultural statistic data on line through SarawakNet. ASIS also enable DOA to maintain a centralized repository of data for easier and faster data retrieval that enables better management decision making and analysis. In addition, ASIS enable data compilation for DOA internal report and ASOS report.
  • ASIS can be access through SarawakNet (IntraNet of Sarawak State Government )

II. Crop Production Survey (CPS)

  • Crop Production Survey (CPS) is a methodology to estimate the yield production of food crop. It is the first methodology ever introduced to all Agriculture Department at the State level. These methodology was developed by the officer themselves from Statistic Section, Planning Division at Agriculture Department of Peninsular Malaysia. The methodolody had been tested at state level for a period of one (1) year and it pretest result shows an accuracy of more than 90%
Picture Picture Picture
  • The methodology was introduced to enable yield production of food crop can be estimated with a more objective approach and faster as well as schronized methodology among all the State. By taking yield sample from one(1) type of crop, yield for one(1) season for the crop can be predicted instantly. Therefore, reliable estimate of yield production for one crop commodity in any extension area can be made when compare to yield production estimated based on potential yield.
  • Statistic Unit of Planning Branch started to implement Crop Production Survey (CPS) in 2004 with only a few type of food crop and district involved in the survey. The yield production obtained from the survey conducted in the year 2004 and 2005 has being forwarded to Agriculture Department of Semenanjung Malaysia for checking purposes before adopting it in the estimation of yield production in the department in future.


III. Paddy Production Survey

  • Paddy Production Survey is one of the international standard to obtain paddy yield (kg/ha) statistic data in Sarawak. It is consists of; Paddy Yield Survey and Paddy Area Survey. The surveys are carried out during the main seasion every year.
  • Objective of Paddy Yield Survey is to collect paddy statistic data with a more objective approach in order to estimate the main seasion yield. The method is implemented in all the districts in Sarawak except Julau, Pakan and Belaga.



  • Prepare Annual IT Budget for the Department
  • Submit the Departmental ICT Requirement to ICT Unit of Chief Minister Office
  • Facilitate & coordinate the development and implementation of ICT/ Computerisation Project
  • Coordinate the maintenance & disposal of ICT equipment
  • Coordinate the Computer/ Computerisation Course for the Departmental staff
  • Develop and update the Departmental Website
  • Agricultural Activities Information System (AAIS)
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)



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